Unknown blood ~ the official site

Welcome to the offical Unknown blood website!!

Unknown Blood official poster

For those of you who dont know about Unknown blood, then welcome!! Unknown blood is an animated wolf series that is being played on YouTube running from April 2009 ~ present. It is animated and directed by fluffylovey, a 15 year old animator from Devon in England. The series is based around a group of wolves named the Eagles lead by fizz who are being given hell by a new group called the hawks lead by their blood thirsty Alpha male, Slash. More details of the story can be found on this site and I hope you enjoy visiting the offcial Unknown Blood website :)

There is also a fanart section and an FAQ section that is updated when new questions get asked commonly. The 'fluffy's page' section is basically where you can find out random stuff about me and my life etc. without being too nosy :P. You can take a look there if you wanna know what i'm up to or what other websites I have acounts on other than Youtube XD.

I spent aaagggeees finally finishing this site so if you can spread the word and get people to come and see this place, i'd really appreciate it ^^ thanks :D!

Unknown Blood title screen